Winter Golf


If you were wondering if the MiMPA was playing through the winter. The above picture should answer that question. Dr Leonard missed the putt by 2″ of snow.

Find a club to earn MiMPA points today!

MDGO State Finals Berth Available in April

For those of you attending the event at Chippewa Banks there will be a MDGO State Finals berth given away on behalf of Black & White. The golfer that scores the most Match Play Points at the end of the day will win the berth and be invited to the Michigan State Finals over Labor Day. Any ties will be decided by the amount of birdies in the singles round. The golfer must be a member of one of the 8 sanctioned MiMPA clubs to be eligible.

New Clubs Welcome

The Michigan Match Play Association is looking to expand for the 2014-2015 season! Currently the association houses 8 clubs and is looking to expand by 4 clubs to create a total of 12 clubs. If the quota is met each of the clubs will each receive two berths to the MiMPA Championships and will receive sanctioning benefits from the association.

To find out how to get your club involved with the Michigan Match Play Association please email us at

Also for anyone that wants to attend the annual meeting pertaining to the 2014-2015 season including reviewing bids to host the 2016 Championships they will be held at the Soaring Eagle Resort on Saturday June 28th in the evening (exact time TBD as it follows the championships rounds).

2015 Championships will be held at Meyer Broadway in Three Rivers, MI.

MiMPA Berth Up for Grabs

Attention all disc golfers there will be a MiMPA championship berth being given away at the March Black & White event at Hudson Mills on March 23. Upon winning this berth you will be invited to the MiMPA Championships that are being held in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

The player must be a registered member of one of the listed clubs on the MiMPA clubs page (winning player will be verified before receiving the award). If the player isn’t a registered member they may pay the Black & White fee of $25 to become eligible.

How to win:
The player with the most match play points at the end of two rounds (doubles & singles) wins. Ties will be settled by the amount of birdies in the singles round.

If there any questions please feel free to email Black & White at or visit our website

Sanctioning Events

“Thoughts on ‘sanctioning’ events. Each of the founding clubs may host one sanctioned event per month (meaning points earned there go toward qualifying). Events must be announced at least 30 days prior, and include a minimum of one 18 hole round (doubles or singles) and a maximum of two 24 hole rounds (one doubles, one singles). No events may be scheduled after May 31, 2014.

Constitution Adopted, Association In Business

“It’s official! The constitution and slate of officers on the executive board was officially adopted by unanimous consent on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2014

We shall make history!

Thanks for your help. Scott will be setting up a MiMPA league on DGS and adding events there linked to the MIDGC events so we can track all points.

MiMPA Update

The plan is to take a vote (either by email in advance, posting here in advance or in person) on Saturday, September 14th following the Great Lakes Collegiate Open held at Blue Gill. Running concurrent with the collegiate matches, Club Dead will be hosting the first match play event of the season. Students will tee off at 9:15 and play 24 holes, we will tee off at 9:30 and play 18 holes. Lunch will be served on site.

I will post a suggested ‘slate’ to be voted on well in advance of the event. Stay tuned.

Founding Clubs

We also need to identify all clubs and individuals committed to being part of the founders group, and schedule a meeting for the purpose of formally adopting the constitution. So far, the following clubs will be part of that group: Big Rapids Disc Golf, Friends of Newaygo State Park, Battle Creek Disc Golf, Black & White Interactive, and Club Dead Disc Golf. Likely additional clubs/individuals are Bluegill, Mt. Pleasant Disc Golf and then clubs or individual memberships coordinated by Tate Handy, et al, Dan Treece, et al, and another by Tim & Dan Glass. That would give us 10 clubs! Let’s shoot for 12!! (Perhaps Brennan Billow at MSU and Mitch Hubbard at GVSU).

Assuming 12 founding clubs, each club would be guaranteed 2 berths to the 2014 Championships making 24. The other 8 berths to fill out the field would go to the top individual points earners in the MiMPA series (of which the MIDGC will only be a part). Format/Payouts for the 2014 event might then look like this:

1st: $1,000
2nd – 500
3rd – 400
4th – 300
5th – 8th – 100 each.
All 16 one-match winners would receive $25.00

24 player dubs held Sat. (after two back-to-back 12 hole match play rounds – played while the final 8 play one 18 hole match)
1st – $400
2nd – 300
3rd – 200
4th – 100

28 player dubs held Sun. (played while the final four play one 18 hole match to get down to 2 followed by a second to determine 1, 2, 3 & 4 place)
1st – $400
2nd – 300
3rd – 200
4th – 100

Match Play Championships Proposal

I’d like to propose that we confirm our dates for both the 2014 Michigan Match Play Championships AND the 2015 Michigan Match Play Championships soon. I am thinking we coordinate hosting the 2014 event with the Mount Pleasant Disc Golf Club at Deerfield Park June 28 & 29, 2014, and that we coordinate hosting the 2015 event with Club Dead at Meyer-Broadway June 27 & 28, 2015. Then, we invite member clubs to submit bids to host the event beginning with the 2016 Championships, which should be decided by July 1, 2014. Now that the 2014 event will be a two-day event, it would be logical for us to meet as a group the evening of Saturday, June 28th to make that, and other, decisions.